16 ft pro Wrestling Show Rings

Price £3050


This ring is ready to go every part complete, with full support and help for your wrestling promotion or gym. These are by far the best wrestling rings on the British circuit today.

We have made over 100 of these rings. Top All-Star wrestling star James Mason purchased one of these rings seven years ago and since then the ring has been in action for an average of 3 shows a week, that just shows that these rings prove the test of time even with the heaviest wrestlers in the world performing in it.  The setup time is fantastic once you get the hang of it, you can have these rings up and down into your vehicle in 30 minutes . Other wrestling companies are Best Of British Wrestling, All Action Wrestling, Austrian Wrestling Alliance, Catch Wrestling France, 3PW and many gyms around the UK and Europe. 

**Please Note: These rings are very simple to build however if you are not technically minded may be owning a wrestling ring is not for you. **

However you would have to be an idiot not to work out how these rings go together. All these rings had been made and designed by professional wrestler Phil Powers, so they are built by a experienced professional wrestler FOR wrestlers and not an engineer trying to make himself some extra money. We take pride in these rings so we offer full help and ongoing support  after the ring is purchased.


Once you have paid 50% of the ring cost and the funds are clear we will build your ring.  If you require for the ring to be delivered we will negotiate a delivery charge.  The remaining balance must be paid in clear funds on delivery or collection. We dont supply corner padds or ring Aprons however we can put you in contact to obtain these... it you do not pay your final payment a storage charge of £80 per week will apply... There is no refunds on deposits made....

For more information on colour schemes please contact us on 07477205300 or PHILPOWERS@LIVE.CO.UK.  Then you can start flying off the top rope, taking big bumps or even making money hiring the ring two other companies.

Other Options:

16 FT wrestling ring frame price £2400

This is basically the metalwork of the ring for people who can supply their own wood ropes, canvas, padding and all other wrestling ring parts.

16 ft wrestling ring frame with wood and ropes and ratchet straps £2800

This is the metalwork and in other words with ropes ready to go and ratchet straps.Your part way their all you have to do is get your own ring padding, canvas, dress, corner pads, 

16 ft wrestling ring canvas price £325   

This is a wrestling ring canvas any size up to 16ft if you wish to go larger please contact us on the details below

Other parts

If you are looking for any other parts of a wrestling ring contact us  07477205300 or email philpowers@live.co.uk.  


Wrestling Ring Hire                                                                                                            

Wrestling ring for hire within 100 miles of the M25 ............price from £200

Do you wish to hire a wrestling ring for your show or your event?

 The timescale of the hire is for 2 hours before doors open for a 2 hour event and 2 hours after the event this includes the time for the erection of the ring and of dismantling the ring.  If you wish to hire the ring for a longer timescale the price is negotiable please contact us 07477205300 or e-mail philpowers@live.co.uk     

We can also supply international wrestling stars for your event prices are negotiable.